"Ian will teach you how to generate real power that is transferable to your sport"

Bob Otrando
Director Speed Strength & Conditioning
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

“I have had to overcome several physical problems due to a neck operation several years ago. I started training with Ian before my final year on the Buy.com Tour. His expertise regarding flexibility, strength and nutrition, added the winning edge necessary to capture the Tour Championship. I am in my second season on the PGA tour and always make time for training in between rounds. I make sure to train with Ian whenever I am home between stops on tour. I highly recommend anyone wishing to improve their golf game through physical conditioning to seek Ian Pyka’s guidance. He is the best at what he does and the results are well worth it!!"

Pat Bates
PGA Tour Professional


“Ian has helped prepare several of our clients for the NFL Scouting Combine. We have seen, first hand, what he can bring to the table. His experience with players in the NFL, as well as his expertise in training a wide spectrum of athletes, makes him an excellent resource in providing our clients with a competitive edge!"

Glenn A. Schwartzman, President
Alliance Sports Management, Inc.

“I have known Ian Pyka for over 16 years and have learned more about physical conditioning from him, than anyone ever taught me in medical school. His knowledge and practical experience are complementary to his passion for improving human performance. I know of no one who has a more diverse resume in the field of strength and conditioning. I highly recommend Ian to anyone of who is searching for the best in the field!”

Harold “Hackie” Reitman, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Prochild Elder Entertainment LLC

“Many strength coaches in the NFL over train their players. Ian knows when to push an athlete and when to pull back. Ian understands the game, the player and the human body. When I first started with Ian, my hips were unbalanced and my legs tight. What the coaches in the league saw as me losing a step, Ian and his team diagnosed as compartment syndrome. Ian designed a program with lots of Olympic lifting and combined it with a great conditioning program for speed, agility and quickness. The program he designed specifically for my needs as a player helped me play another 6 years! If you want the best strength and conditioning coach out there, he’s your man!"

Jimmy Spencer – former NFL cornerback
Denver Broncos/San Diego Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals
First African American player/coach in the NFL - Denver Broncos

“I was first introduced to Ian Pyka as my Strength & Conditioning Coach with the New England Patriots back in 1991. As a free-agent linebacker with marginal physical attributes, my strength and conditioning was critical to my success in making an NFL Roster. From the very first handshake (always a very firm one) I grew to trust his expertise and committed myself to his training regimen. Ian’s training philosophy transcends simply prescribing SETS and REPS of various movements. Although an expert in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics (something I appreciated/understood having been an engineering major in college) his undocumented skill set flourishes in his ability to MOTIVATE the athlete. There is as much PHSYCOLOGY that goes into developing an athlete, as Physiology. I am very proud to have had a 6 year career in the NFL and attribute much of this to this to the strength & conditioning guidance of Ian Pyka, who helped me maximize my God given talents.”

Ilia Jarostchuk
New England Patriots

"I have known Ian Pyka for over 10 years as a colleague in the NHL, as well as attending his lectures throughout North America. Ian has demonstrated the highest level of knowledge in the field of sports conditioning as well as the ability to bring the level down to his audience, whether that being strength coaches, personal trainers or young athletes. His advanced knowledge of Olympic lifting techniques would be of great benefit to anyone trying to further themselves in the field of strength and conditioning."

Lorne Goldenberg BPE, CSCS, CEP
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Montreal Canadiens


"I have worked with Ian for almost ten years. When I refer Ian a client regardless if NFL, Olympian, Para-Olympian, prospect, weekend warrior, or wellness-based, I know that we'll be successful in improving athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury or overtraining."

Shawn E. Hunt, MSPT, ATC, SCS
Lecturer - Department of Physical Therapy
University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine

"I have known Ian since 1974 when we attended the University of Rhode Island as teammates on the URI football team and brothers in Phi Mu Delta fraternity.


I feel especially lucky and honored that I am able to draw on Ian's expertise and knowledge base to help me better serve the young athletes that I work with as a strength and conditioning professional. I am mindful that this same expertise is what he has used to help shape the world class training programs for the New England Patriots and Florida Panthers.


The biggest compliment I can pay to Ian though is the work that he has done with my youngest son, Zachary now 18 years old. Zachary sought out Ian's guidance 2 years ago in order to perfect his technique and training regimen for the track & field events of shot put and discus. Ian was able to develop a comprehensive program for my son which they worked on together in person, and then remotely. It was a hugely successful collaboration, which resulted in a very successful outcome for my son at the 2009 National Track & Field finals.


I attribute much of the success my son and I have had to Ian's ability to truly relate to his clients and break down the technical aspects of the training regimen into a language that is easily understood. He is knowledgeable and credible, a combination that is sometimes rare. He understands what the athlete needs to excel because he is one himself, and has competed at the same high levels he asks of his clients."

Matt Lawrence
Owner - Ironman Fitness

“I started training with Ian when I realized my overall fitness had slipped, my flexibility was awful and my low back was hurting. I called for a free evaluation and consult and started the next Monday! I began to see and feel results almost immediately and after 6 months, my body fat dropped almost 8% and my weight almost 14 pounds, the right way! I feel great and better yet, my friends all tell me I look great! He says I am a great student but I think he is a great teacher."

Letha Palczynski - wife and mom
Coral Springs, FL

"I first learned about Ian Pyka in a Men’s Journal article he wrote several years ago. At the time I was living and working as a hotel manager in Jamaica and adapted his Men's Journal program into my workout routine. I am a former collegiate soccer player who, after moving back to Miami, FL, let business take precedence over health/fitness, resulting in serious back problems. I contacted Ian and after a brief interview, I absolutely knew that he was the man to help me with my ongoing physical problems. During our first meeting he evaluated my overall health. He then addressed my back problems with specific exercises which were then supported with a total body strength/conditioning program. My only goal when I first met with Ian was to cure my back problem; but the end result of Ian's program is that I am now in fantastic overall shape and continue his program on a consistent weekly basis. My life has changed in so many positive ways that I cannot list them. There is no such thing as a standard routine with Ian. He completely customizes each workout schedule to his client's needs, is fanatical about technique, and is able to provide his clients with concrete data that prove his instruction is effective. I can only sum it up by saying that he is a master of his profession and I recommend him to any athlete or non-athlete if they want to improve their body and soul."

Michael Russell - Husband, Father, Entrepreneur
Miami, FL

"I have trained with Ian Pyka for four months and have dropped my body fat from 13% to 10 %. Thanks to Ian, people can’t believe that I have a five month old baby at home. His workouts are innovative and challenging and focus on “my” target areas."


Lisa McLean - Physical Therapist Assistant, Wife, Mother
Boca Raton, FL

"Working with you the past few years has been a tremendous experience! I believe the training we have done has not only allowed me to extend my career, but has allowed me to play at a higher level as well. I think this has been evident in the past few seasons as I had probably the best finish and payoffs of my career. You have been a huge part of that! Thanks Ian."

Scott Mellanby - NHL Hockey Player
St. Louis Blues